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Schmidt Products, LLC is a technical service organization focused on the sale of global engine technology, fuel system technology, industrial/aerospace servos, and quality consulting services.  Bob Schmidt is one of the principal's and has over 25 years experience in the engineering and marketing of fuel & propulsion system solutions.  Marnie Schmidt is the other principal and is a certified Six Sigma Black Belt and has over 25 years experience in business management and process improvement.  Click on "About Us" for more info on our experience.











The "Company List" link shows more details on the company's currently represented by Schmidt Products, LLC.  The solutions offered by these organizations focuses on the following:

  • Engine Technology - Alternative fuels, emissions reduction, fuel economy.
  • 2-Stroke Engines - Ultra-light, APU, UAV, experimental aircraft, LSA.
  • Inventory Optimization - Consulting to reduce MRO inventory costs.
  • Fuel delivery & Engine Management Systems - Dev & production supply.
  • Electro-Mecanical Actuators - Advanced servo's for aerospace.
  • Rescue/Recover parachutes - UAV solutions.

Check out www.uavpropulsiontech.com for more details on the UAV specific companies represented by Schmidt Products, LLC. (Hirth, Orbital, Volz, Skygrahpics).







The "Products" section highlights new products designed, built and marketed solely by Schmidt Products, LLC.  Both Spot 'N Hitch and Hitch 'N Plow are now on the market and available for purchase and the "Helpful links" section is focused on intellectual property and new product development.

Contact Details:

Bob Schmidt - bob@schmidtproducts.com  Mobile: +1 810-441-1457
Marnie Schmidt - marnie@schmidtproducts.com  Mobile: +1 810-728-6218